Muslim teacher branded Western girls 'lunatics'

Muslim teacher branded Western girls 'lunatics'

UK: A Muslim teacher has been banned from teaching for life after telling pupils Islam was going to take over and branding Westernised girls as 'lunatics'.

Aqib Khan, 30, was sacked from the profession for 'undermining fundamental British values' by a professional conduct panel of the Teaching Regulation Agency.

Khan was an English teacher at Harborne Academy, Birmingham between December 2020 and March 2023, the panel heard. But during that period he made a series of comments on a Microsoft Teams group which where professionally unacceptable.

Among those comments were how he discussed how to 'get girls' and showed a topless photo of himself flexing his muscles to one pupil. The panel also heard he openly attacked feminism in his classes.

The panel said his behaviour 'clearly crossed professional boundaries' and said his inappropriate remarks were linked to texts that the class were being taught. He has been struck off for the next two years.

Khan began teaching at Harborne Academy in December 2020 and ran an after school club for pupils.

The Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) misconduct panel heard he made inappropriate comments on a Microsoft Teams group chat which included pupils and also discussed his personal life with students.

He told pupils how he rejected a female doctor who earned £70,000 because he couldn't be with a woman who made more money than him, the panel heard.

Khan also told his students a woman having a baby over the age of 30 was more likely to be disabled than a wife having one with her cousin.

He was reported to the school by a member of staff who recorded concerns about his conduct with students on the school's safeguarding portal.

He was accused inappropriate religious views as well as harmful comments that pertain to dating and relationships.

The School also found significant evidence of this through Microsoft Teams messages exchanged between Mr Khan and several pupils.

The panel found he was guilty of 'undermining fundamental British values including individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.'

Panel chair Marc Cavey said: 'The panel finds that the conduct of Mr Khan fell significantly short of the standards expected of the profession.

'The findings of misconduct are serious as they include a breach of professional boundaries with pupils.

'This means that Mr Aqib Khan is prohibited from teaching indefinitely and cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children's home in England.'

The panel heard how Khan told pupils 'girls can become doctors, but just make sure in those years, you get married. Because after that, no more guys will find you attractive, and then you are just left in the stands'.

He also said: 'Women want a man who can dominate them and look after them as they can't look after themselves.'

In another message, Khan stated: 'Practically, because she's a girl she's lucky. If she marries a good guy she can work or not work - its her choice. Her husband will support her either way. It'll take pressure off of her to pick a career.'

He said girls should 'find a good guy to marry (girls in their early 20s find this easiest) - then you'll the freedom to work not work. So it'll take pressure off of finding a career and you can choose to do it at your own pace'.

Th panel also heard that Khan said something to the effect of 'in Saudi Arabia, women are 10x less likely to be raped than in America'.

He also suggested that 'love marriages are more likely to end in divorces than arranged marriages', the panel was told.

And referring to the increasing Muslim population Khan allegedly told his students: 'Natural selection increasing our numbers as a result. By 2050 the whole of UK, France and Germany will look like Birmingham'

'The number of Muslims went up 44 per cent in 10 years. Everyone else is falling or growing at a snail's pace. Traditional values > liberalism'

In another post presented to the panel, Khan allegedly shared a news article stating 'alcohol ban helps female fans enjoy hassle-free football in Qatar'. He captioned the post: 'White women enjoying life under shariah lol'

The panel heard that he also informed students that they would be 'replaced by Muslims' if they supported feminism or progressive ideologies.

'If you believe in feminism, if you believe in aborting babies, in man and man and woman being married, if you believe in working until you are 35 years old and not having any children. If you believe all this stuff, that's fine, believe in it,' he said.

'But I am telling you one fact, you're going to get replaced by Muslims even faster, they will replace you even faster'.

'Feminism was designed to make women work instead of having a husband and children. Because that way the government can tax them and make money...Modern society is designed to get girls and turn them into this for the governments and banks...Just remember this. Just stick to our values - and let them believe in their beliefs and were just going to replace everyone else even faster'.

'Feminism teaches women are equal and discourages motherhood and being a wife. Islam teaches women are x3 more valuable than men if they're good mothers and wives (and they can work if they want to)'

He added: '...don't ever attack a girl. EVER. Verbally emotionally. You're meant to treat them like queens as long as they're good girls. If they're westernized lunatics just ignore them.'