Westminster & Sinn Fein Unite To Murder Irish Babies

Westminster & Sinn Fein Unite To Murder Irish Babies

Europe’s most extreme abortion law is being forced upon Northern Ireland by MPs in Westminster - without any kind of consultation with the province’s citizens.


This new law will replace Northern Ireland’s current pro-life law with a radical abortion regime allowing for abortion for any reason, on-demand, and there will be no law protecting the unborn child right through to 28-weeks.

If the new abortion law is imposed by pro-abortion lobbies, Northern Ireland will see:

  • Introduction of discriminatory abortions for babies with cleft lip, club foot and Down’s Syndrome
  • Legalisation of sex-selective abortion (mostly affecting girls)
  • Twin abortions (where one baby is allowed to live and the other chosen to die)
  • Partial birth (and other controversial procedures) abortions legalised
  • No provision mandating pain relief for babies during abortions
  • It will be legal to leave babies born alive after abortion to die, with no medical support
  • No doctors will be required to be involved in the abortion process
  • Girls under 15 will be able to obtain abortions without parental consent
  • There will be no legal restrictions on where abortions can be performed
  • Legal provisions which protect pregnant women should someone secretly slip abortion pills into their food or drink in order to abort their baby against their will, will be removed.

The law will come into effect on October 21st – unless Northern Ireland’s stalled Assembly government in Stormont reconvenes before then. The Protestant DUP have said that they are ready to unconditionally return to Stormont in order to protect the unborn, but this can only happen if Sinn Fein agree.

Once upon a time, Sinn Fein was Catholic, and would have done so, but these days it is liberal-Marxist and supports abortion, so it is set to collaborate with the liberal elite in Westminster to murder more Irish babies than Oliver Cromwell ever even dreamt of!