What Is 'Wokism'?

What Is 'Wokism'?

Like every other totalitarian movement, what some call liberalism and others more recently often describe as Cultural Marxism has developed an ideology which its adherents use to justify the imposition of tyranny on the society they seek to overtake. The ideology of America’s contemporary totalitarian left can be called wokeism.

The four intellectual pillars of wokeism are:

  • Anti-white racism disguised under the euphemism social justice.

  • Rejection of traditional morality, which is primarily carried out by the promotion of sexually deviant lifestyles such as homosexuality and transgender. In a truly surreal inversion of reality, they paint traditional morality as immoral by charging it with being homophobic, transphobic, and similar terms.

  • Environmentalism based on the notion that it is desirable and possible to arrest climate change.

  • Intense hostility toward Christian religion, which they negatively paint as patriarchal, intolerant, and oppressive.

It is these four that circumscribe the parameters of the woke worldview. If you carefully examine their agenda, you will recognize that nearly all the programs and initiatives the progressives pursue derive from one of these pillars or some combination thereof.

But if you take the time to examine and consider, you quickly recognize that each leg of wokeism’s foundational quartet is based on a false underlying premise:

  • America and other western societies are not racist. Quite the opposite, blacks and minorities are not only completely equal, but they often enjoy rights and privileges that are unavailable to the white majorities.

  • Traditional morality is not immoral. Its precepts are not meant to oppress or spoil happiness, but to facilitate the well-being of individuals and communities.

  • Climate change has been the defining characteristic of Earth’s climate ever since Earth has come into being. The idea that it can be somehow stopped is absurd.

  • The charges of patriarchy and intolerance leveled against Christianity imply a profound misunderstanding of the human condition. Honoring the sagacity and leadership of wise men and being “intolerant” of immorality and evil are pre-requisites of individual and societal welfare. Christianity shows the way.

The obvious falsity of wokeism should not come as a surprise, since totalitarians always adopt worldviews based on lies. This is the case with the misguided and perverse ideology of today’s progressives.

In summary: Beneath the surface noise and confusion of our political, cultural, and social conflicts, the greatest threat to America and other western democracies at this time is the imposition of tyranny from within. These totalitarian elements have been wreaking havoc around the globe since the early years of the 20th century and have now taken shape among us as the woke progressive left. Those of us who value freedom better stand up and push back before it is too late.