What's Behind UFO Hysteria?

What's Behind UFO Hysteria?

Why are bosses at the US Pentagon deliberately fanning media nonsense about alleged UFOs? While the American President has ridiculed the idea that we're being buzzed by aliens, the Pentagon has pointedly refused to rule out an extra-terrestrial origin for the mysterious objects currently spooking the military.

The latest incident involved a 'small, metallic balloon' that was floating near Michigan reportedly cost the U.S. government nearly a million dollars' worth of missiles to shoot down. 

A U.S. Air Force F-16 missed on its first attempt to shoot down the balloon floating over Lake Huron. It then fired a second Sidewinder AIM-9X missile that hit the target, Fox News reports. Each Sidewinder costs around $400,000. 

The unidentified flying object was described by a Pentagon memo as a 'small, metallic balloon with a tethered payload below it.' The object soared near the eastern portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula over Lake Huron, crossed near 'US sensitive sites' before it was taken out.

Various countries use balloons to observe the weather, and these are naturally at the merch of wind and weather. They are sent aloft on the understanding that they and the instruments they carry have a short lifespan and are disposable. The most likely explanation is that such objects have been floating around unnoticed up until now, but have now been seized on by media outlets under orders to stoke hostility to China.

But while that would explain the Biden regime's high-profile orders to blow wads of taxpayers' money to shoot these harmless objects down, it remains a mystery why the Pentagon is giving credence to the idea that the UFOs could be aliens.

The most popular theory online at present is that the UFO mania is being encouraged to detract attention from the revelations by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh about Biden having personally ordered the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline built to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany. But if this was the case, it would be the White House pushing the UFO fantasy, not the Pentagon - but of course the opposite is true.

So what might the people at the Pentagon want to cover up? Well, they have been central to the overall NATO decision to wage a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, and that war - and the associated sanctions - have turned into a disaster for the liberal West. As a result, they face the choice between escalating the war and in due course losing even worse, going nuclear and getting us all killed, or backing down.

With various hopeful signs - including more realistic assessments in high-brow news outlets of how the war is going - suggesting that they've decided to back down, they naturally need to find ways to move media and public attention away from their disaster in Ukraine. UFO mania would be a seriously effective distraction.

That, at least, is probably how it started. But Western air forces are now primed to shoot their staggeringly expensive missiles at any strange object that crosses their path. This means that the Chinese especially may be tempted to release cheap and completely harmless balloons off the west coast of North America, knowing that the US Air Force will promptly blow huge sums of taxpayers' money taking them down. With Western arsenals being emptied in Ukraine, every extra high-tech missile wasted will speed up the demilitarisation of NATO.

And the Chinese can be sure that, whatever the real reason for the strange and childish obsession with UFOs, the people behind it will be happy to keep the whole hoax going.