What’s REALLY Behind The Kavanaugh Witch Hunt?

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The witch-hunt against Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh displays an aggressive and intolerant leftist mob mentality which bodes ill for America.

It is not just that the women accusing him are obviously lying, with their own accounts vague and contradictory. Even if he was in fact guilty, the fact is that the ‘evidence’ against him would not stand up in any proper court.

The presumption of innocence requires the test for guilt to be “beyond all reasonable doubt”. With confused and imprecise 35-year-old allegations having surfaced just when it is most convenient to the liberal cause, no fair court could possibly consider that such a threshold of proof had been crossed.

It is time for blunt realism. This witch hunt has nothing to do with anything that happened or didn’t happen 35 years ago. It is ALL about the hysterical desire of leftist feminists to protect the Supreme Court’s liberal bias in order to avoid the overturn of roe V Wade. And the equally fanatical desire of leftists strategists and corporate media bosses to preserve the same control in case Donald Trump’s forthcoming measures to end Big tech bias against conservatives wind up in the Supreme Court.

While the possibility of ending the brutal, Satanic horror of abortion would provide the biggest moral victory of Donald Trump’s Presidency, the opportunity to establish the Second Amendment as the guiding writ in the running of the Internet could easily be the great historical prize of his first term.

And, of course, it would open the door to a second term, because a continuation of the current censorship regime and connected economic war against conservative voices would inevitably mean Trump’s defeat at the next election.

THAT is why the liberal and media elites are so desperate to keep Kavanaugh – or any other conservative-minded, Christian nominee out of the Supreme Court.

If this witch-hunt is allowed to succeed, then NO-ONE will be safe. It would mean that NOBODY who does not agree with the dogmas of the left could be appointed to any serious public office without their career being destroyed by vicious and totally unfounded allegations by politically motivated leftists.

It’s as serious as that, so we hope and pray that Mr Trump holds firm and does whatever is necessary to get his way.

The Knights Templar Order