When Islamists Take Over

When Islamists Take Over

With the last Christian Serbians in Kosovo facing ethnic cleaning and destruction at the hands of Nato-backed Albanian Kosovans, events in Azerbaijan give a dire warning to the world about what happens when Islamist terrorists get control over Christians

A form of "cultural erasure" is going on as many ancient and medieval churches and monasteries continue to be demolished in the Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhchivan regions, historically Armenian lands now under Islamist Azerbaijani control. 

According to Caucasus Heritage Watch, 108 Medieval and early modern Armenian monasteries, churches and cemeteries, between 1997 and 2011, had already experienced "complete destruction." More recently, however, according to a Nov. 25 report, "new satellite imagery shows ongoing destruction of Armenian heritage sites. Images show disappearance of churches and cemeteries." As one example, images showed how a monastery, more than 700 years old, was destroyed, then promptly replaced with a prefabricated mosque.

Exactly the same has already happened in the parts of Kosovo which Bill Clinton and Tony Blair forced Serbia to hand over to the Islamists. Now the last Christians in the traditional heartland of Kosovo face extinction at the hands of the Islamist/Nato axis.