Who exposed The UK Grooming Scandal?

Who exposed The UK Grooming Scandal?

If you believed the media – whether liberal mainstream or liberal ‘counter-jihad’ – you might think that Tommy Robinson was the first to take up the question of the mass rape of young English and Sikh girls by Muslim gangs.


But take a look at this short video. It was recorded secretly as part of a BBC smear programme that tried to get Nick Griffin thrown into jail for daring to speak out and expose what was going on.

It is an extract of a speech Mr Griffin gave in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley, one of a series of talks he gave at meetings of the British National Party, all over Britain, warning about what was going on and trying to mobilise peaceful political organisation to force the ‘elite’ to take action to protect the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims.

Today, we know that up to a MILLION young girls have been repeatedly gang-raped – many of them in the years that FOLLOWED this warning, which Nick Griffin gave back in 2004.

No-one else spoke out to tell the truth then. No-one else spoke out until YEARS later. Listen to what he had to say – and understand that, like Enoch Powell before him, Nick Griffin was a prophet. The British people will pay dearly for having been fooled by the lies that the mass media and political elite told about him.

But all their lies cannot conceal the key fact that everyone knows now: “NICK GRIFFIN was RIGHT!”