Who Is to Blame for Rampant Inflation?

Who Is to Blame for Rampant Inflation?

If you think inflation is bad now, just wait until the autumn. Household electricity and heating prices are going to rocket even higher when the energy price cap is raised again. Food prices are going through the roof as well. No-one is going to escape the pain and, for some, the answer to the question “Heat or Eat?” is going to be “Neither”, with food shortages threatening to kick in on top of prices.

Already, a new poll has found how more than a third of Britons are 'struggling financially' amid the worst cost of living crisis since the 1970s. Meanwhile, in the USA, millions of decent working families are being pushed down below the poverty line by soaring costs, particularly of gas.


So what is going on? Who is to blame?

“Putininflation” scream the UK government, EU leaders, Sleepy Joe Biden and the mass media. But, as you know, if their lips move they’re all lying! The blame really lies with our own rotten and corrupt elites.

* The money printing spree they started after the credit crisis in 2008 and ramped up to insane proportions during their artificial Covid crisis. Most of the money went straight into the pockets of the already super-rich through astronomical price rises for land and luxury mansions in ‘safe’ locations. But some of the obscene sums have leaked out into our normal world, pushing prices up sharply.

* Decades of their anti-family policies have left the West with a rapidly ageing population. Retiring or dying baby-boomers are not being replaced because there just aren’t enough youngsters, and because Tony Blair’s university obsession has left so many of those who are around with worthless degrees instead of useful skills.

* This has been made worse by the chronic lack of training during lockdown.  Coming on top of Brexit, this means that the reduced number of East European workers have not been replaced – as they should have been – by our own people.

* We have an unhealthy population feather bedded from reality, because the leftist bureaucrats of the Nanny State like people who are dependent. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of parasitic managers  looking after millions of demoralised, idle slobs.

* The war that Nato provoked in Ukraine is putting pressure on global supply, for everything from wheat, cooking oils and animal feed, through to building materials, computer chips and energy.

* Two decades of systematic sabotage of the energy system of the entire Western world by politicians obsessed with ‘climate change’ are now really beginning to strike home. The resulting spiral in energy costs is only the beginning, with increasing shortages now inevitable. The US Democrats are particular guilty on this one.

* The politicians are also hell-bent on imposing the same World Economic Forum economic sabotage policies on food production. Here too, ordinary people are already starting to pay a brutally high price for their neo-Communist fantasies.

“You’ll own nothing and be cold and hungry!”