Who saved Syria's Christians?

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Who saved Syria's Christians?

Yesterday, as on every Good Friday for centuries, many of Syria’s Christians paraded through their ancient streets and taking mass in their ancient churches and cathedrals. Just a few years ago, it looked as if Syria’s Christians would fall victim to the Islamist gangsters who were poised to seize control of their country. But their prayers were answered, and the tolerant Syria of their President Assad was saved.


Who by? Not the Western powers, who had trained and armed so many of the ‘rebels’, and turned blind eyes to their brutal persecution of Christians in the areas they had conquered.

But by the Syrian Army and the Russian air force, with the help of Muslim militias mobilised by Iran. That’s right, the very powers that the West’s fake news mainstream media now say we must hate are the people who actually have to thank for the fact that, right now, Christians just like us are free to worship God in Aleppo and Damascus, and all over free Syria. That is the truth of the matter!



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