Who Turned the Lights Out?

Who Turned the Lights Out?

Your lights looks set to go out this winter. Brits, Americans, Europeans - we're all in the same boat. All across the Western world, politicians and media outlets are preparing the public for a grim winter of power cuts or rationing.

As they do so, one name keeps getting the blame: "Putin". But apart from the fact that it's the NATO elite which has striven to cut off Russian gas supplies, the key reason for the power crisis is not the actions of Russia, but the impact of years of 'green' sabotage of our old and efficient energy industry.

The only reason that gas from Russia has become so central to European and British electricity supplies is that Western governments - particularly in Germany and the UK - have embarked on an orgy of energy vandalism. Productive coal fields have been shut down and coal-fired power stations blown up. Huge new gas fields have been discovered but left untapped. Nuclear reactors have been shut down or not built in the first place. And vast sums of money which could have funded the final development of ultra-safe molten salt or nuclear fusion plants have been thrown down the Covid drain.

Instead of expanding our energy industry with effective, 'energy dense' technologies, the political elite made a mad dash for junk technology 'renewables', particularly wind and solar. The problem is that the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine, so every watt of theoretical wind and solar energy has to be backed up by constructing some other form of power generation system to supply electricity when the 'renewables' aren't working. 

In much of the West, this basic necessity has simply been ignored; even where it has been addressed, the fuel of choice has been gas, and the NATO provocation in Ukraine has cut the EU off from the most reliable and affordable supply.

So where is all this going to take us this winter?

Millions of Britons could be asked to limit energy use this winter to head off blackouts by avoiding using gas and electricity at peak times and turning off the lights on days when the wind doesn't blow, an energy expert has warned.

Kathryn Porter, from consultancy Watt-Logic, said it was possible households could be asked not to use energy guzzling appliances at peak hours or eat their dinner at a different time.

In the US tens of millions of people have been asked not to use washing machines, dishwashers and ovens between 2pm and 8pm because of the global energy crisis. Charging cars before 9pm is also not advised.

Away from the home, in Germany, street lights are being dimmed, traffic lights at quieter junctions are turned off, hot water and central heating is off in public buildings, monuments will no longer be lit overnight,  lighting monuments overnight.

Ms Porter has said that it's 'very possible' the UK will see plans for energy rationing, despite Liz Truss absolutely ruling it out. The industry expert finally came clean about the strict limitations of so-called 'renewables'.

She told BBC’s World at One: ‘Unfortunately, as each winter goes by, the risk of blackouts is increasing because we have been replacing thermal and nuclear generation with intermittent renewables. That makes us vulnerable in times when wind output is low.

‘We have had quite low wind output in July and August...Demand is a lot higher in the winter, so if we have those weather conditions in the winter, our system is going to get very tight and that raises a risk of blackouts.’

With similar schemes in California and Texas - Ms Porter expects that authorities could ask consumers to reduce their use of electricity during peak hours - although in the US all these schemes are not enforced in law.

‘It is possible we will see something similar here this winter,’ she said, adding: 'I think it would be more an appeal or request for people to have their dinner earlier or later, or avoid using large appliances like washing machines during peak hours. I think it would be voluntary rather than compulsory'.

Meanwhile, Stephen Fitzpatrick, the boss of Ovo Energy, has proposed a plan to protect poorer households against a ‘winter like never before’.

According to the energy expert, with each winter that goes by, energy black-outs are increasing. 

This is due to replacing thermal and nuclear generation with intermittent renewable's - which can 'make us vulnerable', she says, at times when wind output is low. 

'We've had quite low wind output throughout July and August and on three separate occasions National Grid have warned we may run out of electricity.

'The demand is a lot higher in the winter because that high pressure weather system is also very cold, which increases heating demand. 

'Much of Northern Europe has had similar low wind conditions as us which also really restricts our ability to import our electricity from elsewhere' she said.

So forget the propaganda about "Putin". The simple fact is that several decades of deliberate elite sabotage of our energy industry has now brought us to a crisis point. While more nuclear reactors (preferably safe ones) could be built, while coal-fired power stations could be rebuilt, and while our own gas fields could be developed properly again, it would take some years before the new capacity came on stream. And, of course, the green fanatics will fight tooth-and-nail against this and block many of the developments anyway.

This is why the energy crisis looming this winter is not a one-off "caused by Putin", but a deep structural disaster which is with us for years to come. Prepare accordingly, because cold, hard times are ahead!


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