Why Crypto Dip Is GOOD NEWS for KT Mining Consortium

Why Crypto Dip Is GOOD NEWS for KT Mining Consortium

You might think it’s strange, but the current dip in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies is GREAT news for the Templars’ crypto-mining operation.

The temporary drop in current values has been caused mainly by two things: 1) Elon Musk reversing his support for crypto and, 2) Supporters of central bank fiat currencies sniping at crypto, which they rightly see it as a threat to their immoral, usurious, monopoly money.

This is good news for two reasons: The first is that the drop has slashed the demand for the computer chips we need to bring our mining capacity up to full power. For the last three months, we’ve been unable to get our hands on a single new rig – that’s how wild the crypto gold-rush had got.

 While the rigs we bought for the first two phases of our operation (test and first roll-out) are working very well, this meant our expansion phase was delayed. The boom was costing us money. The cooling off of the market in recent weeks has lowered demand for the extra chips we need, so we will soon have them delivered, installed and making even more for our crypto operation.

The second is that a lot of amateur miners are under-funded and short-sighted. So they only bother to mine when the actual price of coins is high. Now it’s dropped, a lot of these amateurs have stopped mining, which makes it easier for our serious operation to win coins. We’ve already seen a healthy up-tick in the amount we’re making.

When the prices go back up, this will make our mining consortium a very healthy extra profit!

And soar again they will. Even now, we’re seeing signs that the ‘bears’ have given up. Despite all their attacks on crypto, prices have stabilised.

Outside the world of short-term speculation, the fundamentals of crypto get stronger every day. Here some of the key pointers to future growth:

El Salvador has just adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. It’s only a little country, but this is a BIG deal. This is a sovereign country which is a member of the WTO and the IMF. It’s the first crack in the fiat currency dam. Many other Third World countries are now looking at Bitcoin as a way to stop being shafted by the international banks.

Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico and a number of African countries are looking at doing the same. Apart from offering them relief from being looted by the globalist usurers, crypto-currencies will also help many poor nations another way: By cutting out the corporate middlemen who for years have taken a big slice of remittances sent home by migrant workers.

Western Union and similar companies take up to 10% when they transfer these funds, which are very important sources of revenue for many poorer countries. The more they switch to crypto, the less the big corporations will be able to grab.

The more this happens, the closer we get to the day when Bitcoin officially becomes a global reserve currency – which is when the crypto market and the value of the coins we’re steadily mining now will REALLY take off.

There are other factors, especially in the USA, which are preparing the ground for a fresh crypto boom. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen:

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, announced that Bitcoin miners are welcome in the state;

Sean Hannity interviewed Bitcoin guru Michael Saylor. Then he gave airtime to Ted Cruz, who argued correctly that Bitcoin is a hedge against the inflation surge we all know is coming;

The collapse of the attempt to ban mining in New York.  That’s a massive blow to the central bankers and their political and media puppets who’ve been trying to attack crypto on their behalf;

The Bank of International Settlements just recognised Bitcoin as an asset class;

Texas banks and Warren Buffett just moved into Bitcoin;

Jack Dorsey (CashApp) announced the continued development of normie-friendly Bitcoin technology, which will continue to spur mass adoption. He’s even going to integrate Bitcoin into Twitter and his new (allegedly) free speech social media platform.

It’s all pointing to a bounce-back for Bitcoin. And we expect that to spark a new bull run up in the other crypto currencies in which we are investing – multi-functional Etherium in particular.

That’s why the smart money is still quietly moving into crypto, and the Templar Crypto-Mining Consortium will continue to go from strength to strength!