Why Putin is paying women to have more children… Inside Russia’s super families

“Why Putin is paying women to have more children… Inside Russia’s super families” – that was the title of this interesting article in the Daily Telegraph.

The article features some of Russia’s biggest families. It takes a slightly mocking tone, but does admit that the situation during the Yeltsin disaster years, when Russia was losing 700,000 a year from its population, was serious.

“With too few live births to offset the death rate, the Russian population was simply slipping down the plughole of history. During the presidential-election campaign in 2012, Vladimir Putin sounded the alarm.

‘We are facing the risk of turning into an “empty space”,’ he warned, ‘whose fate will not be decided by us.’  It’s a dark and fascinating problem, with roots that go back at least to the terrible wounds of the Second World War, and the purges and man-made famine of the Soviet Union in the 1930s. 

“But the government has suggested one simple potential solution: Russian parents need to make like the Osyaks and reproduce more.  So far the government’s choice of aphrodisiac has been a combination of cash and propaganda. Since 2007, extra money has been given to parents on the birth of their second and third children. A special prize – the Order of Parental Glory – was established in 2008.”

The article is accompanied by photos of the Osyaks (above) and other splendidly large families.

The Telegraph says that the Russian demographic problem that their far-sighted President is trying to put right has its origins in the Bolsheviks’ artificial famines and the 20 million dead in the Second World War.

Obviously those had an impact, but the biggest factor is the 100 million Russian babies murdered since the viciously anti-Russian Communists legalised abortion in 1920. That’s like the losses of five Great Patriotic Wars, which puts the figures into perspective, especially as most of those babies would have grown up to have families of their own.

But for Western liberals to admit that would focus attention on the catastrophic demographics of the indigenous population of Britain and other West European nations as well – a catastrophe in which abortion and contraception play the principle roles.

The truth is that, without millions of often unassimilable immigrants, our population would be crashing even faster than Russia’s was before Putin started striving to turn things around. Which, in terms of maintaining our identity and culture, makes it even worse than if our population was ‘merely’ dying off.

What is happening in the West right now is the ‘Great Replacement’. It is partly the result of selfishness, partly stupidity, and partly of a deliberate policy by powerful interest groups that detest Christianity and Europeans. It has already gone too far to stop. This is another reason why central and eastern Europe are now the only hope for the survival of European civilisation and identity.

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