Why Putin Saved Syria's Christians VIDEO

Why Putin Saved Syria's Christians VIDEO

The liberal political and media elite HATE Vladimir Putin and Russia, and they fill their TV channels, newspapers and speeches with poisonous warmongering propaganda. When they bang on about the latest alleged victim of "the poisoner Putin" it's sometimes hard even for those in the know not to think "perhaps there's something in it."

If you've ever felt like that, then apart from remembering that the elite have REPEATEDLY been caught trying to lie us into buying more and more weapons from the big arms manufacturing corporations, or even into totally unjust and disastrous wars, just recall that the best way to judge men is not by what they say, or by what others say about them. Judge them by what you yourself see them do.

Look at Syria. Obama, Cameron and the entire political elite of the USA and UK (even at times Donald Trump, though to give him credit he seems to act wrongly only when forced to by bad advisors, rather than leading the charge to war like the others) have constantly supported Muslim extremist 'rebels' against the government there. Syria's Christian minority have repeatedly urged the 'international community' to understand that President Assad is their best defender.

Despite that, the West's liberal elite have funded and armed the Islamist terrorists who want to overthrow Assad and cleanse Syria of Christians and moderate Muslims. They've repeatedly threatened to bomb Syrian government forces and hand the country over to the Islamists - just like Cameron and Obama did in Libya.

But one man has stopped them. One man alone took action on the international stage to save the Syrian government and protect Christianity in its ancient cradle. That man is Vladimir Putin. In this remarkable, eye-catching video, the head of the Russian Church reveals how he and other Christian leaders convince Putin to take the action he did to intervene and to save Syria and her Christians. Remember this the next time some Christ-hating liberal media channel starts claiming that Putin is "the new Hitler" or some such ridiculous nonsense. Or, for that matter, when you hear some childish neo-Nazi crank complaining that "Putin has sold out to the Zionists and the Rothschilds".

Look at what he's done in Syria. Learn why he did it. And make up your own mind about the greatest statesman of the 21st century.