Will NATO Weapons Reach Sweden's Burning Ghettos?

Will NATO Weapons Reach Sweden's Burning Ghettos?

How long before the NATO weapons pouring into corrupt failed state Ukraine start to turn up in the lawless Islamist ghettos in Swedish cities? The question has become all the more urgent over the last week, as a wave of riots has seen the police forced out of immigrant-dominated suburbs all over the once stable but now strife-torn Scandinavian county.

The trouble was sparked when Rasmus Paludan, a Danish politician on the extreme right who also holds Swedish citizenship, decided to tour immigrant neighbourhoods to stage public burnings of the Quran. Paludan is out of the same neo-con/Zionist operation as Tommy Robinson. Decent Swedes were disgusted last year by claims that he had written sexually explicit messages to underage boys online. But there is no prohibition against blasphemy in Swedish law, so the police granted him permission for his rallies.

Chaos erupted almost everywhere he went. In neighbourhood after neighbourhood, police were pelted with rocks by furious rioters. In the southern town of Örebro, a police vehicle was hijacked and driven around in triumph by masked men. Other rioters were showing off police jackets and helmets, looted from patrol cars. In Malmö, rioters threw a burning object into a city bus, forcing passengers to evacuate. As the bus went up in flames, rescue workers were shot at with fireworks. Rioters drove cars full of rocks to the clashes to use as ammunition. Molotov cocktails were hurled at police. Testimonies flooded social media of officers fearing for their lives.

‘We have seen violent riots before. But this is something else,’ chief of police Anders Thornberg explained in a public statement on Saturday. ‘It is a matter of gross violence against life and property, especially against police officers.’ On television two days later he described a widespread sense among police officers that one did not know ‘if you will return home after work, if you will be alive or not when the shift is over and you are met by merciless violence from several hundred.’ In total, 26 police officers were injured in the chaos.

According to the police authority, many of the rioters are involved in criminal gangs. These are the very same gangs that already terrorise their neighbours and compete with the state and local authorities for control of called Sweden’s ‘vulnerable’ immigrant areas.

In Linköping, police decided to temporarily retreat and leave a neighbourhood to avoid further escalation. It is not the first time that Swedish police have decided to simply run away. During riots in the Stockholms mainly-immigrant suburb of Rinkeby in 2017, police backed out and left neighbourhoods to lawlessness. As fires raged, fire engines had to park and wait at a distance because police deemed the area too dangerous for any first responders including firefighters to enter. The order from police headquarters to their staff was simple: ‘Safety of the police officers first. No interventions, observe caution. At this point, we enter [the area] only to save lives.’

While most MSM outlets have ignored the trouble, Britain's Spectator magazine has run a major piece on it. This concluded that "Paludan may have been the spark that caused the explosion this time, but tensions have been building for decades in Sweden. The Easter riots merely revealed the level of aggression brewing under the surface and how quickly it can descend into violence.

"Meanwhile, gang shootings are at a record high this spring, with 18 deaths in the first three months of the year. There are new shootings every week and at times almost every day. Last year, a government agency issued a report which concluded that Sweden was already the country with the highest rates of deadly shootings among the 22 European countries surveyed. The use of explosives among criminal gangs in Sweden has no equivalent in any other western nation.

"Sweden’s neighbours know how serious the situation has become. Denmark recently cited Swedish gang crime and the risk of terror attacks when it decided to extend its temporary border controls to Sweden – an extraordinary decision given that the two countries have been in a passport union since 1952."

The Spectator piece ends with an ominous warning, which reflects a key warning in our own Deus Vult - Reconquista of the West about the coming existential conflict in the West between imported Islamism and European values and traditions:

"Sweden’s descent into social unrest is a remarkable development in what was once one of Europe’s most stable societies. It is a development that other western countries would be wise to watch very closely, in order not to repeat the same mistakes."

Truth is, of course, that the mistakes have already been made. The whole of Western Europe is ALREADY so far down the same slippery slope as Sweden that there is no turning back. What is to be done? Start by checking out the banner adverts above and getting hold of your own copy of our ground-breaking, no-holds-barred best-selling book!