Will The Lord Punish This Ungodliness?

Will The Lord Punish This Ungodliness?

How long do you think this blatant defiance of God’s word will go unpunished? And, before you answer that question, take a moment to remember why the Lord Our God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah – and every living thing within their walls.


Leading Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said in an interview broadcast on  Tuesday that he and his husband/catamite Chasten want to be fathers one day – but ‘maybe’ he’ll have to finish his historic run for president first.

And he told a ‘Today’ show audience that he plans to keep emphasing his blasphemous parody of religious faith in the face of hecklers who berate him for claiming to be Christian.

The 37-year-old Democrat claims that, while God isn’t likely a partisan, he would never be a Republican in the mould of Donald Trump.

He talk openly about breaking a Catholic taboo against gay parenthood.

‘I don’t know exactly when and how we’re going to pull that off, but Chasten is made to be a dad,’ he said of his ‘husband’, 29 (pictured above).

‘And I’m looking forward to it too, as soon as we can figure it out.’

Well, here’s a clue for him: It takes a woman to have a baby. And a man, to help her. End of!