Will YOU Die for Kiev?

Will YOU Die for Kiev?

The world now stands closer to nuclear war than at any point in human history. Whichever side people take in the Ukrainian war, everyone needs to understand the extreme risks that NATO leaders are taking as they ratchet up their rhetoric and pour in arms to fuel the conflict.

Meanwhile, media outlets conspicuously avoid reminding the public of exactly what a nuclear war involves. So, as a reminder, here is a clip from the BBC's 1984 film about a nuclear attack on Sheffield, Britain's fourth biggest city. 

The film, Threads, is widely regarded as the most frightening movie ever made. A genuine horror film, because, the appalling scale of the death and suffering it shows is not some fictional fantasy, but a stark and 100% true depiction of what faces every one of us if Nato forces interfere just a little bit more in a conflict in which the West has no legitimate interest whatseover.

Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to watch this clip, and then ask themselves: "Do I want to die for Kiev?"


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