Woke Bank Losing Customers

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Woke Bank Losing Customers

One of Britain's biggest banks has seen a mass exodus of customers after it told those who disagree with its latest woke policy to go elsewhere.

Many have told Halifax they are closing their accounts after bank staff were encouraged to display their preferred gender pronouns on name badges.

More than 150 social media users say they are boycotting the former building society after being lectured about inclusivity.

Some have cut up their credit cards while others are lodging complaints about Halifax's social media manager who, when customers accused the bank of 'virtue-signalling', told them: 'If you disagree with our values, you're welcome to close your account.'

The row began on Tuesday when Halifax posted on Twitter a photo of a uniform badge with the words 'she/her/hers' below the name Gemma and the declaration: 'Pronouns matter'. It said the move was designed to avoid 'accidental misgendering'. The post also feature an LGBTQ logo.

By last night close to 10,000 people had protested on social media. One woman said she had closed her Halifax credit card account over the 'crazy' policy.

'I don't want to be having conversations about gender when I go into my bank,' said the 50-year-old psychologist from London. 'Frankly, I'd rather they be focused on lowering interest rates.'

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