Grant Shapps and Bill Gates pledge to make ‘entire world’ net zero

Grant Shapps and Bill Gates pledge to make ‘entire world’ net zero

Grant Shapps and Bill Gates have pledged to make the “entire world” net zero in a new bid to decarbonise all sectors of the UK economy.

Shapps was recently appointed Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary in Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet.

Gates spent his trip to London meeting with staff at Cleantech for UK, a coalition aiming to open the door to a new generation of green technology start-ups.

He was joined by Sunak and the pair discussed the importance in “solving the challenges of net zero”.

Gates told an audience: “The UK has all the ingredients to become a major player in the global push to build a net-zero emissions future, including world-class research facilities and forward-looking investors.

“It’s great to see clean-tech businesses, innovators, and policy makers coming together to advance UK climate leadership.”

Later, the Microsoft co-founder met with Shapps and filmed a video with the minister.

Shapps records himself in selfie style and talks to the camera.

He says: “Well, as you know, I've just taken over the Department of Energy Security and net zero.

“One of the most important thing is to do the transition.

“And what better way to get a helping hand on this than with this gentleman right here? Hey, Bill. How you doing?”

Bill Gates responds: “Hey. Great to be meeting with you.”

Shapps continues: “We are going to be discussing this energy breakthrough, the way to transition the entire world to net zero, but make sure that we've got good, reliable energy. So looking forward to work together!”