Young Swiss Reject Climate Change Madness

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Young Swiss Reject Climate Change Madness

The efforts of the global elite to use the threat of man-made global arming to stampede the industrial nations into committing economic suicide has just taken a major hit.

Voters in Switzerland - led by Millennials and Zoomers -  rejected a fake climate-protection law in a referendum.

A referendum saw voters narrowly reject the government's plans for a car fuel levy and a tax on air tickets. The measures were designed to help Switzerland meet targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change. The vote, under Switzerland's system of direct democracy, went 51% against, 49% in favour.

The no-vote to limiting emissions is a huge shock. The Swiss government drafted this law carefully. The plan: to cut greenhouse gases to half their 1990 levels by 2030, using a combination of more renewables and taxes on fossil fuels.

What is particularly interesting about this referendum is that the strongest opposition to the deep green assault on industry, prosperity and civilisation came from young people. 60-70% of the 18-34 year old voted against the proposals. 

For all the manufactured mass media 'consensus' on issues such as climate change and covid lockdowns, there is actually a tectonic shift going on. The gulf between the ruling elite and the masses is growing at a truly stunning rate. In homogeneous nations with healthy demography and thus lots of young people, this would spell revolution. In the ageing, immigrant-packed West, it's much harder to see where the current elite madness will end. But end it will. Deus Vult!



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