A generation that can kill their children, will kill their parents

In the last few hours, renowned British-born scientist David Goodall took his own life in a suicide clinic in Switzerland. The 104-year-old was not suffering from terminal illness but cited his lack of quality of life for his decision to fly from his home in Australia to uber-progressive Switzerland to end his life with the help of medical doctors (so much for the hippocratic oath.)

Last year, Mr Goodall attempted suicide but failed and Australia’s laws do not permit those charged with the protection of human life to put people down as if they were aging or sick pets.

We all can sympathise with the circumstances in which Mr. Goodall found himself in; no decent and moral human being wants to see another suffering. But his case is now being used by globalist media propagandists to push something far more sinister and Goodall was seemingly happy to go along with the show (he himself was an advocate for legal changes which would allow the elderly to end their lives.)

Of course, their arguments are cloaked in such niceties such as “compassion for the suffering” and “individual choice.” In reality, the “compassionate” Liberal views the elderly as a strain on the government and public sector and having outlived their economic value in economies largely dependent on the shop-to-you-drop model, to dispose of such beings makes total sense from an economic fundamentalist viewpoint.

Countries in Europe have already bore witness to the unintended devastation that euthanasia brings. In 1990, Dutch Doctors liquidated 4,941 people who had not asked for euthanasia. Since then the problem has only mushroomed with a 130,000 strong euthanasia team offering house calls since 2012.

In the year of 2014-15 Belgian physicians administered lethal injections upon the request of five non-terminally ill people with schizophrenia, five with autism, eight with bipolar disorder and 29 with dementia — an increasingly common infliction in an aging Western world — as well as 39 with depression. All in all, 593 men and women were euthanised even though they were not suffering from any life-threatening illnesses.

Euthanasia was legalised in Belgium in 2002 but some medical professionals finally started sounding the alarm 16 years later.

Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God, since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person.

Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 1995

As Christians we have a duty to care and preserve life. The value of the life of a human being should never be based upon a person’s health or lack thereof.

Life is a gift from God. it is not for a human, whether they be doctor, a legislature or the individual themselves to interfere with the life and death cycle which God has granted to us.

We can imagine when legislation is introduced all over the Western world to kill off those deemed unworthy of life, masses of elderly people, seeing themselves as a burden on their kin will feel forced to take advantage of such a vile practice. No doubt, considering the moral collapse of the Christian West, many people will see the offing of their parents and grandparents as a payday when the inheritance money and life insurance starts rolling in.


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