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Included in the Full Membership package are the following items:

- Official Cape, fully lined with hood
- Templar Jewel with collarette
- Templar Breast Star medal
- Exclusive Holy Cross ‘Militia Templi’ pendant with chain
- The famous black Beret
- Embroidered Gloves
- Unique MEMBERSHIP parchment scroll of Authenticity sent straight from the Roslyn Priory!
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Full Knight - Monthly Installments

Becoming a Sir Knight of the Order is a privilege and honour few ever attain and is a lifelong title. We view it as a Holy office, and have NO FEE as such for this but you will need to be a full member with regalia first.  This is a major decision in your life and we are here to assist in this transition and the creation of a ‘new man’ not to profit from your journey.

We have commissioned all the items specifically for this Order and only Official Regalia can be used by members at events and ceremonies. When you purchase Full Membership Regalia Package shown here, there are no more fees or annual dues to pay at all.

However, you will have to attend an Official Oath ceremony to be confirmed with the title "Sir Knight".