• British Judge Convicts Man For Having Nazi Pug Dog! While other court frees paedophile because his wife does not speak English!

    Scottish comedian Mark Meechan aka Count Dankula has been convicted of “Hate crime” for recording his pet pug, Buddha, doing the Nazi salute. He now faces up to six months in prison.

    Free speech in Britain is officially dead!

    Just days before Mark Meehan was convicted, a Muslim teacher walked free from court after raping an 11 year-old child.

    This is the British justice system in the 21st century!

    We ask you to sign our petition and demand the immediate overturn of the comedians’ conviction and the dismissal of the politically-correct loony-liberal judge.

    This is about more than one man and his dog; it is a battle for freedom of speech!

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  • Open Borders Until 2022! This is UNACCEPTABLE!


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    10,000 target

    Brexit in ruins: British Government Betray the British People. Open Borders Until 2022. The deal is done!


    Britain and the EU have just struck a deal on the future of Britain. Britain will be forced keep its borders open and abide by EU law until the year 2022.

    This is exactly why we voted to leave the European Union in the first place!

    This means more, refugees, Jihadis and immigrant spongers will be on their way to soft-touch Britain, putting the lives of our children in danger and moving into our already overcrowded towns and cities.

    How much more can the British people take?

    We are asking the British people to sign our petition and show the traitors in Westminster we will NEVER stand by as traitors negotiate away the future of our nation. The EU needs us, we do not them!

    Hands off our Brexit!

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  • Tell the EU to "get stuffed"!


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    10,000 target

    The EU is telling the British people they must accept open borders AFTER Brexit – We must tell the EU...”GET STUFFED!”


    Theresa “The Appeaser” May WILL allow Brussels to dictate our immigration policy AFTER we leave the European Union!

     We, the British people, exercised our democratic right and voted to control our own borders; yet we are being compared to Nazis and ISIS terrorists and described as stupid knuckle draggers!!

     We are none of these things; we are simply THE MAJORITY OF BRITISH PATRIOTS demanding OUR COUNTRY BACK!

    This is the most disgraceful betrayal of the British People ever!

    We ask every British patriot to sign our petition, as a show of defiance to our treacherous Prime Minister sabotaging the future of our country, and urge our political leaders to walk away from the negotiating table if we are not allowed to control OUR own borders!

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  • Bring back National Service!


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    20,000 target

    Do you think that introducing a period of National Military Service for our 18-20 year old would help secure our society?

    Many experts think it would sort out many of the social issues we face and help our young people to become mature and productive members of society as well as preparing the next generation for the trouble that is coming as we all know too well.

    If you believe that our country needs this to get back to a better place then please sign the National Petition’ to bring in NATIONAL SERVICE.  The country is going to hell in a hand cart we think its time for action, bring back NATIONAL SERVICE!

    Share this to all your friends and family Thank you. 

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  • Ban The Burqa!


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    50,000 target

    Would you support a ban on the Burqa in public places in America? Sign the petition!

    The burqa is terrorizing and confrontational to many Americans, antithetical to our culture of freedom and equality and an insult to the hundreds of millions of women around the world that are forced to wear the burqa under the pain of imprisonment.

    The forced-wearing of the burqa is a practice based on the fascist Islamic religion and ideology.

    Muslims are refusing to integrate into our culture and are trying to impose their intolerant culture on the American people!

    Islamic fanatics have used the burqa to disguise themselves before launching deadly terrorist attacks, including in Europe. It is just a matter of time before it happens here!

    Islamists see our freedoms as corruptions and Muslim women forced to wear the burqa have little say in the matter.

    Take just a minute of your time and sign our petition. Help us fight the Islamification of our homeland and ban the burqa from the towns and cities of our beloved nation.

    What would our founding fathers think if they could see the creeping Sharia culture eating away at our culture and the freedoms they fought to defend?

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  • House our War Heroes before the undeserving NOW!

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    On the 17th of December, ex-soldier Darren Greenfield died, rotting on the streets of the country he fought to defend.

    Darren, like nearly 13,000 EX-SERVICE PERSONNEL, was living rough on the streets when sadly he passed away during the cold winter. Ten percent of those living hand-to-mouth on the streets are thought to be veterans; many of them suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder.

    If not for the work of veteran charities, offering their time and services to help homeless veterans, Darren’s story would be all the more common.

    Our Government can offer jobless refugees accommodation in mansions but allows those that have served their country in warzones to die like dogs on the streets!

    We DEMAND the Government tackle this issue IMMEDIATELY by offering unused homes and the necessary physical and mental health care to those that have placed their lives on the line, in defence of this nation.

    By signing our National Petition you can add to the growing chorus of citizens demanding we put ex-servicemen and women first and help those in desperate need before the undeserving.

    It is time we fight for them!

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  • Say NO! to accepting bogus refugees from Calais

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    Theresa May agrees to accept bogus refugees from Calais. The British people say NO NO NO!

    Theresa May has agreed to speed up the process of accepting bogus refugees from the migrant camp in Calais. France is to receive £44.5m from the UK taxpayer to beef up the security.

    The Prime Minister claims it is in the “national interest” to stop migrants crossing into Britain from Calais but is willing to take in up to 7000 people currently terrorising the village of Calais.

    The majority of those in the camp have not come from war torn countries but from countries like Sudan and Eritrea. They are NOT entitled to refugee status.

    Many of the men are claiming they are children in order to speed up their entrance into Britain. The Prime Minister has agreed to take in “children” within the space of ONE MONTH.


    We demand an immediate halt to the agreement.  Sign our national petition and let the Prime minister know it is not in our national interest to take in bogus asylum seekers when we can’t house our own war heroes.

    The British people MUST take a stand NOW before it is too late!

    Will you sign?