Should this country follow other countries example by banning the Burka in public places?

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Sack Judge Marson for Jailing Tommy Robinson and gagging the media!

Sign the National Petition and demand Judge Geoffrey Marson is immediately SACKED. It is time to put an end to the reign of biased liberal judges!

We demand Life sentences for acid-attacks on children now!

Sign our National petition and demand the courts hand down unconditional life sentences to all criminals convicted of acid attacks on children.

Theresa May is doing a good job with Brexit.

Theresa May is following through on the demand of the British people to leave the EU by safeguarding Britain’s economic interest.

Theresa May is selling the British people out to the European Union.

Theresa May has broken her promise to the British people. European bureaucrats will be dictating our laws and policies for generations to come.

Has Tommy Robinson just been given a death sentence?

Our worst fear has come true: Tommy Robinson has been moved to one of the most dangerous prisons in the country. Help save Tommy's Life!

Tommys Life is in danger…we need your help to save him!!!

UKIP leader Gerald Batten has raised concerns over Tommy Robinson being murdered in prison. Demand that Tommy is granted the protection guaranteed to every other prisoner!

Scrap the House Of Lords, Not Brexit!

The house of Lords has blocked Brexit again, defying the will of 17.5M British patriots that voted to leave the undemocratic European Union.

Save Our Heritage. Nelson Must stay!

Nelson’s Column has stood proud in the heart of London through all the years, even surviving Hitler’s Blitz as a symbol of British pride.

Should we start WW3?

If you are against this country being involved in a new war in Syria and possibly WW3, please register your support for our campaign today.

Make St.George's Day A Public Holiday

Make St George’s Day a public holiday now. The English deserve to celebrate their culture!

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