No Wonder They Don’t Understand Freedom – They Can’t Even Write English!

The liberal bigots in the UK Home Office who have banned several right-wing social media personalities from entering Britain can’t even write proper English! The shocking evidence in the decline in standards in the upper echelons of government emerged in the letter given to Brittany Pettibone as she was refused entry and put on a plane home at Luton Airport.

The letter contains errors both of fact of grammar, both of which show the low grade of the mini-Stalins now running Britain.

It accuses Tommy Robinson of inciting racial hatred, when Robinson is in fact a strong supporter of all immigration into Britain, regardless of race. The only immigrants to whom he objects are Muslims and, as everyone who inhabits the real world knows, Islam is a religion, not a race.

As for the grammar: Look at the pidgin English in the letter denying Brittany Pettibone: “as you stated in your interview, I have reasons to believe” … “your boyfriend Martin Sellner speech”, “your boyfriend have in his possession”, “likely to insight tensions”.

Confusion over the proper use of the apostrophe is all too common in dumbed-down Britain these days, but to think that ‘incite’ is spelled ‘incite’ indicates a far deeper lack of grasp of the English language.

Have a look for yourself:

You may want to see the evil monster Pettibone who the Home Office goons think is such a “serious threat” to “the fundamental interests of society”, so we’ve included a sample of Brittany Pettibone’s journalism so you can make up your own mind.

Being genuine traditionalists and serious people, we are frankly underwhelmed by the social liberalism of her group, which apparently sees no contradiction between claiming to stand for traditional identity and running around with transgender perverts, cocaine users, convicted fraudsters and enthusiasts for homosexual ‘marriage’.

But at least these young people see at least one of the major symptoms of the liberal sickness of the West, and are willing to put their safety on the line in order to encourage a debate on the issue and to make people think.

If they were logical and serious they would speak openly of the actual disease afflicting Christendom, rather than focusing solely on one of its symptoms.

And they would understand that the answer to the ‘Great Replacement’ is not profitable diversity horror tourism and an even stronger dose of liberalism, but to settle down and have children and to rear them as the future warriors and mothers of the coming Reconquista.

But at least they believe in something. At least they speak out. At least they are trying to put things right. Which is a lot more than can be said about the semi-literate liberal-fascists running Britain’s Home Office!

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