Big Tech Attack YOUR Rights


Defanging Big Tech is produced by the research team at the Rosslyn Institute for Geopolitical Research. As you’re reading it we sure that you will very quickly see just what an important piece of work this is.

Social media censorship by liberal Big Tech is strangling the life out of the ‘right’. The intolerant left’s war against us all – which is also a direct attack on YOU and your right to make up your own mind and to support people like us speaking out for you – has been devastatingly effective.

President Trump has said that action will be taken to stop it. This comprehensive report sets out both the problems and – more important still – the practical solutions which are needed to restore and safeguard free speech and liberty.

We asking for your help in distributing this report, so that the right people are certain to see it. We need you to send this link in a short email to the White House, and we need you to send it on to all your own social media contacts using the share buttons below!