Brexit On Knife-Edge – We Told You So!

As all our long-standing followers know, the Knights Templar campaigned hard for a Brexit vote for Great Britain to leave to toxic, liberal and perniciously atheist European Union. And our huge social media reach made serious and effective players in the grass-roots Leave campaign.

Immediately after the result two years ago, however, and while everyone else was celebrating, we immediately warned that the Westminster and Whitehall establishment would pull out all the stops to block Brexit.

Back then almost no-one believed us, but the desperation that led David Davis – by our reckoning, together with Jacob Rees-Mogg among a tiny handful of genuinely patriotic MPs – to resign has proven that we were right all along.

With the subsequent resignation of the warmongering buffoon Boris Johnson, the May regime is in deep crisis. What will happen next really cannot be predicted, but the Europhile elite will continue their deeply undemocratic efforts to thwart the will of the largest popular vote in UK history. That much remains as certain as it was two years ago.



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