Celiac disease health awareness “What We Do”

With an online reach far bigger than that of all other Templar bodies combined, the KTI has had the social media power to make a real difference when it comes to health awareness campaigns.

Ever since our launch we have run a series of videos and information pieces to raise awareness of the huge number of undiagnosed gluten intolerance sufferers. The problem can have a devastating impact on the lives of victims, but because there is no medicinal cure the drug companies aren’t interested, so public awareness of the disease and its symptoms is very low.

By working with a number of allied and friendly online news outlets, we were able to co-ordinate an information campaign which reached hundreds of thousands of people. We know from direct feedback that a number of our followers were first stunned, and then delighted, to find the answer to the various health problems – ranging from stomach cramps and painful bloating, through to chronic anemia – that they or a friend or relative had been suffering.

Sadly this sort of operation is now being hindered by intense levels of censorship on Facebook – shame on you, Mr Zuckerberg! And, of course, following the smear on us by the far-left BBC, the usual far-left circus is demanding that our Facebook presence be closed down….

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