Christian Revival Prayer Chain

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JOIN the National Christian Patriots’ PRAYER CHAIN…Today!

Stop moaning and start PRAYING –

We need REVIVAL in us and across our lands.


“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet”. Matthew 24:6


If you are awake, then you know things are not good in our Nation right now. Political corruption, persecution, an immigration invasion, the rise of Islam, racial unrest, perverts targeting our kids at school and our Churches apostatising.

Every day it gets worse and we all wonder…WHERE WILL THIS ALL END? There can be no doubt in YOUR mind that a new World War is looming large - and soon.

Maybe even this year WW3 will break out from the Middle East, Ukraine or Taiwan. So, what can God’s people do about this nightmare unfolding before our eyes?   WE CAN PRAY FOR REVIVAL AND MERCY …..YES PRAY!

Prayer is THE most powerful tool in the world. Sure, the unbelievers think this is crazy but, if YOU are a child of God, you KNOW that prayer can achieve ANYTHING, in the will of our Father in Heaven, through the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord…  Amen

Will you sign?

Will YOU pray with us this prayer and send it out to EVERYBODY you can?

Heavenly Father forgives us our sins, personally and as a Nation, Lord be merciful and just in these wicked days, raise up Godly men and women of faith and courage. Lord Jesus, send us Holy Ghost power to change that which we can and the strength to endure what we must. Father, we lift up our voices as ONE as we pray for REVIVAL across our lands.

Lord, send us REVIVAL to sweep through our rotten degenerate lands, through our political establishments, through our courts and legal systems, through our schools and universities and through the people who are dead in trespass and sin. 

Oh Lord, in thy wrath, remember mercy! Jesus, we bow before Thee and repent of all our wickedness, unbelief and unfaithfulness. Lord, lift me up that I may stand with Thee, and start the Revival in ME. Lord, hear our prayers; in the name of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ.   Amen.

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