Ireland – Last Chance To Stop Infanticide

Today’s vote in Ireland is not about dry, dead words on a piece of paper. Nor is it about a handful of tragic cases which make good pro-abortion propaganda. No! It’s about a cynical, dishonest attempt by the liberal political and media elite, together with social media giants and George Soros, to con the Irish people into accepting the murder of unborn babies right up until they are six months old.

That involves injecting poison into the silently screaming child and then tearing her little body limb from limb. That is the truth of what is at stake today.

So, if you’re Irish and you haven’t yet been to vote ‘No’, get off the web and get down to the polling station. And, if you have voted already, find someone who also supports the right to life but who hasn’t bothered, and DRAG them to vote. It could be VERY close, so please do your bit.

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