Is This The Most INSANE Tweet Of All Time?

It’s been said that the politicians of 1914 “stumbled into war blindfolded”. Well, this time, the fools are TWEETING us to war!

This latest lunacy from Donald Trump has seen thousands of Americans and others replying on his twitter feed. The good news is that the overwhelming proportion of the replies are negative.

Apart from sheet disbelief that anyone could be so stupid as to risk World War Three in order to make Syria safe for Al Qaeda, “I voted for the first time – for an ANTI-WAR President. Never again!” is the single most common theme.

We know all our readers are horrified by the danger in all this, and the fact that our governments are picking the wrong side in a global conflict between Good and Evil.

So, as promised yesterday, here are the latest memes and a video which you can take and post all over social media and the newspaper Comments sections. Get to work, because massive grass-roots opposition to war is the only thing we have (apart from prayer, which is also needed) to stop the psychopathic elite.

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