The Knights Templar are THE front-line against those who would do our people harm all over the world.

We have no problem making a stand but without your support we can do nothing. We fight not only for our children but for yours also, so do the right thing and help us establish a secure future for all our kids. Surely you see as a Patriot, it is time to make a stand and to join the ranks of the Templars. 


Affiliate Membership

As an Affiliate, your membership plays an important role in the overall operations of the Templar Order.  If you want to stay in the background as an affiliate, that is fine.  However, if you wish to become more involved, simply let us know.

Full Sir Knight

Becoming a Sir Knight of the Order is a privilege and honour few ever attain and is a lifelong title. We view it as a Holy office,  his is a major decision in your life and we are here to assist in this transition and the creation of a ‘new man’ not to profit from your journey.  This option includes the full Knights Templar Regalia Package.

The Knights Templar Order