Now Hungarian Patriots are welcoming the Boer farmers!

Yesterday, we reported that 15,000 persecuted Boer farmers have been given the green light by Russia to emigrate from communist South Africa.

Today, we are pleased to report that a delegation of Boer farmers has recently visited Ásotthalom to meet its Patriotic mayor László Toroczkai, who has agreed to help settle the fleeing Boer people.

The Knights Templars have, in the past, encouraged Patriots and Christians from the West to relocate to the East but specifically to the Town of Ásotthalom.

On meeting the delegation, Toroczkai wrote that “here we are having an inspection of the border [near his town], but we are also discussing economic—primarily agricultural—cooperation opportunities and a larger Boer-Hungarian economic and political meeting.”

“Tens of thousands of Boers are looking for a new home in the world because of extreme racism, discrimination and untenable public security [in South Africa], and Europe [the EU] is an accomplice [in creating this situation]. I would like our country to [be the first] in the European Union to start to [offer sanctuary to them] in the future, because they have European roots, and are persecuted Christians,” he said.

With an unending stream of migrants flooding the welfare states of Northern Europe, unsustainable economies, the breakdown of the nuclear family and the relentless Islamification of France, Britain and many other European states, sanctuaries like Ásotthalom are more needed than ever!

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