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Pro-Life Christians face brutal persecution

PRAY for the Nashville Six

Six pro-life Christians face terms of more than 11 years in jail for the ‘crime’ of saying prayers and singing hymns for babies threatened by abortion.

The six brave Nashville activists are Chet Gallagher, Coleman Boyd, Heather Idoni, Cal Zastrow, Paul Vaughn and Dennis Green

They were declared guilty Biden's anti-Christian Department of Justice charged them over a peaceful protest at a Mount Juliet abortion facility in March 2021.

The focus that day was prayer, reading Scripture and singing hymns. The ‘rescue’ vigil was entirely peaceful, video confirm the group sang "Holy, Holy, Holy" and "Onward Christian Soldiers" while several group members were seen talking to police officers.

It was more than a year before the group were arrested. Paul Vaughn was grabbed at gunpoint in front of his young children in a dawn raid at his Tennessee home.

As two carloads of armed FBI agents surrounded the house, screaming and hammering on the door, one child cried to her mother, “The FBI is here, and they are arresting Daddy.”

Paul was held at a federal facility for six hours before being told the charges and was then released 60 miles from his home without a car, phone or wallet.

The six pro-lifers were found guilty of ‘conspiracy’ and face more than a decade in prison for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. Sentencing will be in July. So this is now out of the hands of their legal defence team; it’s in the hands of God and of those who are willing to wield the ultimate weapon of Christian defence – PRAYER!

Are you one of the faithful band of Christians who know that prayers really work? Will you pledge help resist this evil which threatens to engulf the entire West? By helping to spread the word about this cruel injustice, and through PRAYER.

Will you join the Prayer Pledge for Paul Vaughn and his fellow pro-lifers. Will YOU join thousands more saying this prayer?

Will you sign?

Will YOU pray with us this prayer and send it out to EVERYBODY you can?

O Lord, I join my fellow Christians all over America praying for the six brave pro-life witnesses facing 11 years in jail: Chet Gallagher; Coleman Boyd; Heather Idoni; Cal Zastrow, Paul Vaughn and Dennis Green

We think also Lord, of Paul Vaughn’s wife and eleven children, and pray that you give all of his young family comfort as they face the prospect of seeing their loving husband and father hounded and potentially imprisoned for many years.

We ask that a successful appeal, or a decent Judge. spare these six heroes from the horrors of the American prison system. Or, if it is Thy will that these, your faithful servants, should become martyrs for the sake of unborn babies still in danger in so many US states, Lord, give them strength to endure this tribulation. Keep them safe in prison, ensure that their sacrifice is heard of all across the land, and that it inspires a new generation of pro-life activists, filled with zeal to end the injustice and violence of abortion for good.

I ask all this, Lord, in the name of your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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