Sheer madness: Gender-neutral lunacy in English schools!

For decades the LGBT lobby said all they wanted was to be left alone and had no intention of imposing their lifestyles and beliefs on anyone else and called on the common man and woman to show them a little ‘tolerance and respect’. Well, now they are in the ascendancy and hold positions of power in almost every institution including within our education system, we are seeing just how tolerant and respectful they are in return!

Chiltern Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire has banned boys from wearing shorts and insists those who don’t want to wear trousers must don a skirt.

The school has said boys who find trousers too hot in the summer months should instead wear a skirt as part of a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy.

The move follows a trend for schools adopting gender-neutral policies to help transgender pupils feel more welcome. Many schools now say skirts and trousers can be worn by either gender. Under the Equality Act, schools have a duty to protect transgender students from discrimination.

A total of around 150 schools in England have introduced gender neutral uniforms to enable children to experience ‘equality.’

Rising numbers of primaries and secondaries are adopting the policy, which includes allowing boys and girls to wear skirts or trousers.

Let it not be said you were not warned. For decades Christians have warned against giving an inch to the LGBT lobby; but cowardice prevented many from standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us. In the years to come, sending your son off to school in a frilly dress will be the least of your worries!


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