The fight to save Ireland's babies is coming down to the wire

The Irish abortion referendum is now only one month away and as the campaign to legalise child-murder in Ireland comes down to the wire, Catholics and Nationalists once loyal to the now pro-abortion Sinn Féin, are leaving in droves.

Yesterday, outraged Catholics sprayed anti-Sinn Féin graffiti on Catholic Churches and Northern Ireland’s largest Catholic cathedral, St Patrick's cathedral in Armagh.

Whilst any attack on a holy site is to be utterly condemned and is an affront to Christian values, the desperation of those responsible demonstrates the hostility and disconnect between the Marxist Sinn Féin party and their own traditionalist and patriotic base.

In recent months, the party has purged much of its religious membership and one leading TD (member of the Irish parliament) was suspended for daring to defy the party’s pro-baby killing platform; some, including veteran Patriots have cancelled their membership in disgust.

Even the Gaelic Athletics association (GAA), the country’s biggest sporting body, once a bastion of Patriotism and Catholicism, has ordered its members not involve themselves in the referendum after some of its most well-known managers and players launched their own campaign to save Ireland’s babies from the abortionists scalpel.

But the all-star line up have told the GAA they will not back down and will continue their campaign against state-sanctioned murder of Ireland’s most vulnerable.

The GAA against abortion group, fronted by one of Ireland’s most familiar faces, Tyrone manager Mickey Harte, said the Irish people must choose between “a culture of life and a culture of death.”

Only one party, the National Party, led by prominent anti-abortion campaigner Justin Barrett have taken a stand against the establishment; as the government and opposition parties, in cahoots with the mainstream media, do the bidding of the death lobby intent on setting up shop in Catholic Ireland.

Granting a licence-to-kill our next generation to the abortion industry and feminists would be catastrophe of biblical proportions to our small island already suffering from the effects on mass immigration and emigration of its own children to far-off lands. With its birthrate collapsing, the introduction of abortion will see the Irish people doomed to the fate of minority status within a generation.

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