The Globalist media and its war on traditionalism and society

As Israel defends its borders from Palestinian terrorists, the vultures in the international media hover above the blue skies of the Gazan border, waiting to propel a dead Palestinian rioter or bomber into the minds of Western Liberals as a symbol of struggle and resistance to “oppression”.

Today, as three Palestinian rioters lie dead in the morgue, in the latest incident of incursions into Israeli territory, the globalist media propagandists are revealing themselves for who they truly are: the enemies of traditionalism, national sovereignty and Patriotism.

The problem the media and Western elites have with Israel is quite simple: Israel is the only thriving society in the Middle East and traditionalism is embedded within the very fabric of that plucky nation.

Its government and people are a Patriotic and devout people that take the survival of its people and state seriously; unlike the cosmopolitan nihilists and Jihadi apologists that infest the governments of the so-called Liberal Western Democracies.

And therein lies the problem. To many traditionalists in the west, Israel is a perfect example of how a government should rule and how a society should organise itself. Its Government does not cower in fear and grovel when accusations of “Islamophobia” and “racism” are thrown at them. The defence of its people and borders, under permanent assault by murderous extremists, is of the utmost importance to its leaders.

As governments and fake news reporters chastise Israeli ambassadors and even the common people of Israel itself for having the audacity to defend itself in the face of a campaign of terror, Christians throughout the West should be aware that in Israel Christians live side by side with their fellow Israelis in peace and practice their religion free from religious intolerance.

The same cannot be said for our fellow Christians fleeing the last remaining pockets of the Christian faith in the majority Islamic states of the Middle East!

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