Urge Sunak to BLOCK Scottish Hate Law

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Sign our Open Letter to Prime Minister Sunak: PROTECT FREEDOM - BLOCK Yousaf's Hate Law!

The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act criminalises “stirring up hatred” based on age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and transgender identity. This unjust and deeply anti-Christian law has been passed to outlaw opposition to a radical, cultural Marxist transformation of part of the United Kingdom - it MUST be STOPPED!

Mr. Sunak, you have the constitutional power to BLOCK and STRIKE DOWN this disgraceful law, before its abuse brings tyranny and shame to Scotland and further stifles free speech across the whole UK. Act NOW to stand up for freedom and sanity in policing and the legal system!

Section 35 of the Scotland Act, 1998, gives the Westminster government the right to BLOCK laws passed by the Scottish government if they interfere with its own powers. Since repressive laws in Scotland obviously interfere with freedoms the UK government is supposed to uphold, Rishi Sunak can strike down this monstrous piece of far-left bigotry.

It's time to send Rishi Sunak a very clear reminder: We the people of Britain know that he has the power to stop the SNP's anti-freedom rampage. If he fails to use it, it will be another powerful pre-election sign that the Conservatives are incapable of conserving ANYTHING, and deserve to lose every single seat at the coming General Election!

So send a message to both the far-left bigot Yousaf and the fake conservative coward Sunak: Hands off our surviving freedoms! Add your signature to our Open Letter NOW! 

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Urge Sunak to BLOCK Humza Yousaf's Hate Law

Open Letter to Rishi Sunak

Yousaf's Hate Law is Totalitarian, Divisive and Unjust - Westminster can and must BLOCK IT!

Freedom is on its last legs in Scotland! The SNP's viciously anti-white First Minister has handed horrifying extra powers to Politically Correct police officers and lawyers.

The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act came into force on Monday 1 April and gives the green light to far-left and militant LGBTQ activists to make malicious complaints against political opponents, pro-life campaigners and traditionalists.

The badly drafted and repressive law introduces new offences for threatening or abusive behaviour which is intended to stir up hatred based on prejudice towards characteristics such as age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity. Under the law, telling the truth is no defence.

In a letter to Holyrood's criminal justice committee published last week, the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS) warned the law could be "weaponised" by an "activist fringe" across the political spectrum.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has also highlighted the danger of empowering the militant trans lobby to persecute those who speak out for the uniqueness and rights of real, biological women:

"The new legislation is wide open to abuse by activists who wish to silence those of us speaking out about the dangers of eliminating women’s and girls’ single-sex spaces, the nonsense made of crime data if violent and sexual assaults committed by men are recorded as female crimes, the grotesque unfairness of allowing males to compete in female sports, the injustice of women’s jobs, honours and opportunities being taken by trans-identified men, and the reality and immutability of biological sex.”

Fortunately, Rishi Sunak doesn't have to wait until this warning comes true. Section 35 of the law which created Scotland's devolved parliament gives Britain’s central government the power to block measures which would interfere with the good government of the UK as a whole.

Clearly, having a Hate Speech law in Scotland which outlaws factual comments which can legally be made in England and Wales poses just such a threat. It is intolerable to have the far-left bigots of the SNP armed with a set of laws with which to beat down all opposition to their ultra-radical trans agenda in particular.

Sunak should for once stand up for real 'conservative' principles and BLOCK Humza Yousaf's attack on freedom and normality RIGHT NOW!



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