Now YouTube Bans Legal Gun Videos

YouTube are banning gun videos. If a video shows any of the following, it’s getting shut down on the social media giant:

  1. A modification for a gun
  2. Putting a modification on a gun
  3. Reloading of a gun
  4. Selling or linking to a site that sells guns or gun parts/attachments
  5. Any magazine with more than 30 rounds
  6. Reloading ammunition
  7. Building a gun or gun part
  8. Safety instructions for guns

People should download videos on reloading ammunition, cleaning guns and other educational topics and put them on free speech sites for the betterment of everyone.

The silver lining in this censorship cloud is that every time the social media corporations block and ban another big interest group, a fresh block of people start looking around for free speech alternatives. Already, Gab is promising to expand into other markets other than that of Twitter. It will take several years, but these liberal corporations are simply cutting their own throats!



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