“Demographics are destiny”. And THIS country knows it!

While Western nations are literally dying, the Russian birthrate is improving.

A recent Mercator article grudgingly admitted that:

“Despite a terrible recent economic performance, despite a fall in output, a slow and steady increase in unemployment, despite a rise in general economic stress, Russia’s birth rate has not fallen and the death rate is sharply decreasing. As Adomanis notes, this is in sharp contrast with the USA where ‘it is widely acknowledged that the Great Recession caused significant downward pressure on the birth rate’. Not just in the United States, but in other western nations as well…”
This is also a growth in Russia’s native population, not a growth in its Muslim population, as many critics like to claim. The article goes on to postulate that perhaps the link between economic hardship and birth rates is perhaps not so strong in Russia as in other countries.

While on the face of it, this statement may come out as true, it ignores many inconvenient details about Russia’s pro-natalist policies under Putin. Young families get regular payments, and grants of money and even land, which are way better than anything offered to support the birthrate anywhere in the West.

Put simple, the incentive programs put out by Putin to alleviate Russia’s demographic crisis have started working, and the news seems to be positive. Russia still has some way to go to get its birth/death rate in the green, but the leadership of the nation seems to take the problem very seriously.


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