After The Bomb – Making Moonshine

If the current international crisis leads to nuclear war, then any survivors are going to need to learn all sorts of new skills. And the whole place will be so miserable that making hooch is going to be essential. So here’s a video on how to make your own moonshine – without such a fancy still as the one shown above!

Moonshine is one of the most famous spirits in the U.S. and it has a very long history.  Moonshine is especially popular with home and craft distillers and, when made properly, it can be one of the smoothest and most potent liquors available.  Americans have been making moonshine for centuries, and moonshine purists continue to perfect this exceptional drink.

Moonshine is a variant of whiskey, which is distilled from corn mash.  When made properly, it is completely clear and very potent.  Distillation is the only way to make moonshine, and distillation in pot stills is the most popular method.  Distillation occurs when the corn mash—with appropriate amounts of sugar and yeast to cause fermentation—is heated in a large tank or pot.  Vapors rise from the heated mixture into the condenser, where they are then cooled into a purified liquid.  This liquid is the ethanol, which gives moonshine its powerful trademark zing.

The corn mash consistency will affect the production of ethanol, so adjusting the yeast, corn and sugar in the mixture will make a difference in the moonshine produced.  Different times and temperature also make a difference; the first liquid distilled can be toxic and should be discarded.

To learn more about how to make moonshine and moonshine recipes, you can find plenty of books, how-tos, videos and other resources online.

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