All is not lost!

To outside onlookers peaking in, Europe looks to be sauntering merrily towards the abyss. Mass invasion from the global south was not only met with apathetic yawns but encouraged by delusional citizens, a rapacious corporate class and its treacherous political elite.

Across Western Europe abortions are carried out (1 in 5 pregnancies in Britain are terminated) as If they are going out fashion. Each year thousands of churches are demolished or converted into mosques, nightclubs or restaurants. The university system, a cold house for anyone of a Conservative or Christian disposition, is controlled from top to bottom by Beta Liberals and radical Feminists.

The Family unit, thanks to increasing government intervention has gone the way of the dinosaurs and single motherhood has become the norm. And if you are dare vent your frustration on Social media, you can expect a knock on the door from the Stasi police on the hunt for thought criminals.

We cannot continue to bury our head in the sand any longer; the lunatics have overrun the asylum and the sane have been consigned to the straitjacket.

But not all is lost.

Poland, suffering from a similar demographic decline, largely due to the mass emigration of its youth to more prosperous EU states, still clings to the old truths. Its resistance to invasion and immigration quotas is giving EU plutocrats in Brussels a severe headache and the cultural Liberalism all member states were obliged to buy into on joining the EU never found fertile ground in the minds of a people that survived 45 years of Soviet rule.

Church attendance in Poland is skyrocketing and the Family unit remains unbroken. Abortion laws in Poland are the strictest in Europe and Liberal media outlets controlled by Liberal Europhiles are being stifled by a Patriot Polish government.

Every year the Polish people take to the streets in their millions to celebrate their liberation and independence from Marxist tyranny; but today the rallies are used to draw attention to the twin evils that threaten to alter and destroy the Polish nation: liberalism and mass Islamic immigration!

If Northern Europe does fall, the torch of Christian Europe will pass to our brothers and sisters in the East, and Poland with its large population, fighting spirit and devotion to the Faith will undoubtedly become a sanctuary to fleeing Europeans and Christians and the engine of the Western Civilisation on this side of the Atlantic.

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