An alternative Ulster: Protestants and Catholics unite at rally for freedom

As Donald Trump toured the U.K, the fake news media gave almost 24/7 news coverage to the feminists, communists, anarchists, drag queens and other aggrieved snowflakes that hit the street protesting his visit.

Conspicuous by its absence from our screens was the thousands of Patriots that turned up in London to support Tommy Robinson, free speech, and welcome President Trump.

But in Belfast, something even more extraordinary took place: Irish Catholic nationalists and Ulster Protestant loyalists marched to City hall together, waving their respective flags.

Ten years ago, such a scene could not have been imaginable, but as Ireland and Ulster is swamped by Islamic immigration and their freedom to speak freely is curtailed by liberal “hate speech” laws to deter voices of resistance from speaking out against their organised replacement, genuine patriots from both sides of the community are now openly fraternising, organising and rallying together.

The men and women of Ulster, looking across the waters, see the communal segregation and warfare engulfing Western town and cities. They hear the horror stories of the racist rape gangs targeting young English girls throughout Great Britain and they see the Islamic terrorism destroying lives across the Europe continent. Is it any wonder the people of Ulster are refusing to surrender an inch of their soil!

Approximately 400 people attended Saturdays rally; a significant number when one considers the size of Belfast and the understandable hesitation on both sides of the divide to reach out, but increasingly old grudges are being forgotten and more and more people are awakening to the existential threat the West faces.

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