Antifa Thug Harassing 9/11 Widow Runs Away When Confronted By her Son


This is what happens when a beta, leftist, antifa loser harassing a 9/11 widow is confronted a real man.
Leftists are a drain on society in every way: economically, socially, intellectually. They create nothing of value and act like they are owed everything. This patriotic widow and her deceased, heroic husband deserve respect, and instead she is subjected to a torrent of abuse by a Soros-paid minion. Luckily, her giant of a son was on hand to show the world what cowardly filth the left really is, but we can expect an escalation in left-wing violence and abuse if the Democrats emerge from the midterms victorious. It is every YOUR duty to support Christian conservatives and patriots this November. 

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