Ban The Burqa!

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Would you support a ban on the Burqa in public places? Sign the petition!

The burqa is terrorizing and confrontational to many Americans, antithetical to our culture of freedom and equality and an insult to the hundreds of millions of women around the world that are forced to wear the burqa under the pain of imprisonment.

The forced-wearing of the burqa is a practice based on the fascist Islamic religion and ideology.

Muslims are refusing to integrate into our culture and are trying to impose their intolerant culture on the American people!

Islamic fanatics have used the burqa to disguise themselves before launching deadly terrorist attacks, including in Europe. It is just a matter of time before it happens here!

Islamists see our freedoms as corruptions and Muslim women forced to wear the burqa have little say in the matter.

Take just a minute of your time and sign our petition. Help us fight the Islamification of our homeland and ban the burqa from the towns and cities of our beloved nation.

What would our founding fathers think if they could see the creeping Sharia culture eating away at our culture and the freedoms they fought to defend?

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