Ban Halal!

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Ban Halal now. We want to remain a civilised country!

The cruel slaughter which unqualified people perform on a daily basis needs to be banned in this country.

 Regular staff in averters are trained and know exactly what they are doing. The people who perform the Halal slaughtering have no training and can be any age as long as they are equipped with a sharp knife. They are allowed to slaughter in their yards, at home with no consequences – this needs to STOP!

Children in schools are being given this meat as well as Armed Forces and hospitals. Most fast food chains and most supermarkets sell Halal meat however we are unaware of this; be sure to read the ‘packaging label’ carefully.

Take up one minute of your time and sign this petition for animal cruelty, as Halal slaughtering is not welcome here in a civilised country and we must STOP it now!

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The Knights Templar Order