Bolsonaro Wins Brazilian Presidential Race


The globalist empire is doomed. The world is on notice. The globalists are done. People are waking up to the threat to their nations sovereignty.

Brazilian Christian and nationalist Jair Bolsonaro thumped his communist opponent to clinch the Brazilian presidency, and if you listen very carefully you can hear the snowflakes shrieking in despair all the way from Brazil. The former paratrooper has promised he will use the military to crush the gangs terrorising the cities by sending them into the favelas. The LGBT lobby and feminist fanatics are also having a moment, for Mr. Bolsonaro is a true Christian; an opponent of the normalisation of the homosexual lifestyle and a defender of traditional marriage and gender roles. Christians and nationalists in Hungary, Russia, Poland, Italy, the USA and Brazil now hold top governmental positions. We pray that many more nations follow their example!


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