bonkers Britain: Jailing journalists, policing language!

Britain is fast becoming the most totalitarian state in the Western world. Whether it is jailing activists for exposing grooming gangs, banning foreign journalists whilst allowing radical Islamic preachers to spew hate in Saudi and Pakistani funded mosques, it seems there is no depth the British political class will not sink to to display their supposed ‘progressive credentials.’

Whilst all of this should have every British citizen grasping for their suitcases and passports, there is a more comical element to their madness.

This week, Cancer Research removed the word "women" from its smear test screening campaign to ensure transgender people go for smear tests. The crazies in charge defended its choice of wording, pointing out that transgender men are often at risk of cervical cancer.

But the lunacy does not end there...

The classic British pudding Spotted Dick has been renamed "Spotted Richard" by restaurant staff in parliament. Four waiters confirmed they were using the new name to refer to the classic dessert, seemingly to save guests' embarrassment.

Yes, the mention of a traditional British dessert offends the sensibilities of our political class but the mass rape of Britain’s young girls in their tens of thousands is met with eye-rolls and accusations of bigotry and wrong-think.

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