Brexit Sabotage Continues

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Brexit Sabotage Continues

The leftist authoritarians are in full panic mode. They were so very close to cementing their dictatorship, caging their slaves, and culling all opposition, and then Brexit happened...
It seems to be beyond the comprehension of the snowflake brigade and their globalist puppeteers that we held a referendum, voted to leave the EU, and less than a year later, we held a general election, and the people voted against them and for Brexit again.
The people have spoken twice and all the reputable polls (the ones not carried out by the Guardian, BBC, etc) cannot be clearer: the British people want out of the EU; but whoever said liberals loved democracy. They only champion democracy and elections when it goes there way.
In summation, this is rich people complaining about rich people problems. We poor, ignorant folk did not know what we were voting for according to Captain Jean-Luc Picard.


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