Build The Wall Now!!

Build The Wall Now!!

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After electing President Trump on his promise to construct a wall across our
border with Mexico, we, the American people still do not have our wall.

WHY? Because bleeding heart liberals and Snowflake SJW’s are fighting against
the will of the American people and our President!

Last year a border agent was ambushed and beaten to death with rocks by
illegals in Texas. The liberals’ hands are drenched in the blood of our border

The border region, in many parts is controlled by Drug cartels, which ship in
deadly Heroin. Criminal alien gangs are destroying many once beautiful towns
and cities.

The American people NEED the wall... NOW!

The longer we wait, the more drugs and criminal aliens will wreak havoc in
every corner of our country.

Sign our NATIONAL PETITION and DEMAND that plans are put in place to
begin construction of OUR wall IMMEDIATELY.
Building the Wall on our border is the first priority of our President and we
must rally behind him on this. Without the wall the American nation will cease
to exist.

Either we get our Wall or it is Adios America!

Will you sign?

The Knights Templar Order