Say NO! to accepting bogus refugees from Calais

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Theresa May agrees to accept bogus refugees from Calais. The British people say NO NO NO!

Theresa May has agreed to speed up the process of accepting bogus refugees from the migrant camp in Calais. France is to receive £44.5m from the UK taxpayer to beef up the security.

The Prime Minister claims it is in the “national interest” to stop migrants crossing into Britain from Calais but is willing to take in up to 7000 people currently terrorising the village of Calais.

The majority of those in the camp have not come from war torn countries but from countries like Sudan and Eritrea. They are NOT entitled to refugee status.

Many of the men are claiming they are children in order to speed up their entrance into Britain. The Prime Minister has agreed to take in “children” within the space of ONE MONTH.


We demand an immediate halt to the agreement.  Sign our national petition and let the Prime minister know it is not in our national interest to take in bogus asylum seekers when we can’t house our own war heroes.

The British people MUST take a stand NOW before it is too late!

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