CANADA: The Post-National MEME with NO FUTURE?

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CANADA: The Post-National MEME with NO FUTURE?

The entire reason Canada has no "core identity" is because socialism has devastated its national prosperity for decades.

More government always leads to less freedom and greater oppression of people (via taxes, regulation, etc.). It also leads to authoritarian control by a "political elite" (dictator, monarchy, aristocracy, socialist "elected" elite), case in point: Justin Trudeau. This always leads to the destruction of the middle class as government decides that YOU are the property of the "state." This will be Canada's downfall. 

While we have your attention, we would like to remind you of our Emergency Ukraine Appeal

While BILLIONS of Dollars pours into western Ukraine, the beleaguered people in the east have been forgotten and abandoned to starve or freeze to death. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! In conjunction with our brethren on the ground in the area I am asking you to dig deep and send your immediate financial support (as best you can) to our EMERGENCY UKRAINE WAR APPEAL!